There are few things more aggravating than not being able to see clearly in the kitchen. The dim area created by your cabinets puts a damper on even the smallest tasks, from washing fruit to making coffee. This is why many homeowners are turning to under-cabinet lighting. What seems like a simple upgrade makes a big difference in your kitchen. You can choose from several types of under-cabinet lighting, including puck lights or LED strips, to meet your needs. If you are unsure of this upgrade, take the time to evaluate the reasons why under-cabinet lighting is a great idea.

1. Improved Visibility

Under-cabinet lighting makes it easier to see when you are using the sink or counter. With ample lighting, you can safely chop vegetables, skin potatoes, and slice fruit. You can also determine if your dishes are clean before putting them away. The bright light makes it easier to detect spots, stains, and leftover residue.

2. Energy Efficiency

Most under-cabinet lighting features a motion-sensor mode. The lights only come on when you are in the area. This feature is useful for saving energy and lowering your electricity bills. It also creates a safer environment because you never have to worry about turning on the under-cabinet lighting.

3. Inviting Atmosphere

Installing lighting under your cabinets creates an inviting atmosphere for family dinners and social gatherings. One idea is to choose dimmable under-cabinet lights. This way, you can create a backdrop that fits the mood, from the dim light of a romantic dinner to the brighter glow of a holiday potluck.

4. Enhanced Aesthetics

Under-cabinet lighting also highlights the design of your kitchen. Use the lighting to spotlight your colorful backsplash, granite countertop or sleek cabinets. In addition, the extra light can make a smaller kitchen or counter feel bigger.

5. Increased Value

Believe it or not, many home builders do not find under-cabinet lighting necessary. However, many homeowners enjoy this feature in their kitchen. If you are thinking of putting your home on the market, you can increase the value of your home by installing under-cabinet lighting. Potential buyers enjoy finding these extra features rather than making the upgrades themselves.

Under-cabinet kitchen lighting adds a mixture of function, aesthetics, and value to your home. However, you may be unfamiliar with the installation process. If you need assistance with your lighting, Sterling Oak Cabinetry is the right company for the job. A team of experts is ready to brighten your kitchen with new under-cabinet lights.

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