Organization in a kitchen is so important. You want to have everything in its own place and know exactly where it is. You also want easy access to everything, but how do you accomplish that when your cupboards are little more than square boxes? There are accessories you can install inside your cabinets and drawers to make this so much easier. Most cabinetry companies can install these organizational accessories for you.


Roll-outs are pull-out drawers on casters installed in larger cabinets. They are really useful for organizing pots and pans or baking bowls and small appliances. If your lower cabinets are really big, you can get two roll-outs that allow you to maximize the storage space within a single cabinet.


Dividers in the drawer have been used in silverware drawers for decades. Most drawers will not come with dividers and then you are left to buy a plastic sorting tray. The permanent dividers are much nicer as they last longer. You can get dividers in any drawer in any configuration, plus vertical dividers in cabinets to keep items from falling over.

Adjustable Shelving

A lot of cabinets and cupboards are constructed with fixed shelving. The problem with fixed shelving is that you can’t place objects of a certain height on this or that shelf. Ask your cabinetry carpenter to create adjustable shelving for you so that everything you put in your upper cabinets utilizes all the space you have without being too tall or too short.

Add More Cabinets Where You Can

A lot of older kitchens have a ton of empty wall space. If you aren’t using every inch of wall space for something functional or useful, you are missing out. Add more cabinets or cupboards where they will fit and where they will be the most helpful. You will automatically have more storage to organize your kitchen. Even a couple extra cupboards on a bare wall helps.

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