When you decide to remodel your kitchen, you have a couple of options when it comes to kitchen cabinets and cupboards. You can either go with the custom cabinets or choose prefabricated cupboards. There are pros and cons to both, in addition to choosing what they are made of. Making the right decision could mean lower quality or higher quality cabinets for your kitchen.


The prefab kind are already fully constructed. They are ready to install and make finishing your kitchen quick and easy. However, there are high- and low-quality prefab cabinets. The ones made of particle board are lower quality and will turn into sawdust when wet. You don’t want those. If you opt for prefab, you are going to want plywood, which is engineered layers of wood that will not flake or fall apart like particle board. You will have to pay more for high quality plywood prefab cabinets, but it’s worth it.


Customized will always be more costly, but they are often much higher quality than prefabricated. With customized, you can choose any type of wood from pine and cedar to walnut or cherry. They are made to fit your kitchen perfectly. They can be built at a shop and then brought to your home to install or built in situ right in your kitchen. They do take longer to create, but their uniqueness is what makes them invaluable to your home. 

After every piece of wood for these custom cabinets is cut, the wood is painted or stained according to your liking. They resist moisture well, and they take impact like a linebacker. Softer woods might be indented a little when hit with heavy objects, but you won’t hardly notice it if the cabinets are stained or painted a darker color. Talk to your cabinet maker to see what he or she suggests in terms of wood, stains, paint, and cabinet styles.

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